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Antioch Life Changing Ministries


The Diaconate consists of both Deacons and Deaconesses, who assist the pastor in proclaiming the gospel to believers and unbelievers, provide care for church members, and other persons of the community, build and maintain church fellowship, and provide Christian leadership to help the church attain its spiritual mission.


Christian Education

The mission of the Christian Education Ministry is to provide oversight and guidance to all teaching programs within the Church.



The purpose of the Trustee Ministry is to create short and long-range plans for property care and improvements, to represent and act in the best interest of the membership to assure continuation and protection of the church’s assets and make sound judgments with respect to property and financial investments.



The Church Finance Ministry plans the annual budget and disperses funds to the different church ministries as approved by the church at its annual meeting.



The mission of the Music Ministry is to help bring souls to Christ by presenting a breadth of religious music that communicates God's Word, His love, and His call to worship.



The Ushers introduce the Antioch Baptist Church worship experience.  



The primary goal is to develop a ministry, which addresses the fellowship needs of men, provide information on service opportunities, and encourage ABC men to support church ministries.



The primary goal is to prepare the women of ABC and the women of our communities to live an abundant life by teaching the Word of God in a simplistic and practical manner. Thereby, women will learn how to walk in love, live in the unity of the Spirit, demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit, and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.



The mission of the Youth Ministry is to win the souls of young people 25 years old and under through Christian education classes, worship services, and cultural events.


Children's Church

The Children Church Ministry is committed to teaching children ages 3-10 years of age about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With Christian Education materials, music, prayers, and crafts, your child can participate in an atmosphere designed to teach them all the elements of worship. Three year olds must be potty-trained and not wearing pull-ups


Young Adult

The mission of the Young Adult Ministry (YAM) is to serve young Christian adults, married or single, ages 18-40.



The Singles Ministry is to seek and serve God by developing the living experiences of our unmarried brothers and sisters in order that they might exemplify Christ through the service of love. We will further seek to create an inclusive, safe environment that takes a responsible and respectful Holy Spirit inspired approach that uplifts the acceptance of wholeness.  



The commission proclaims the gospel and salvation of Jesus Christ--both within and outside the church--so that those who are lost will find salvation for themselves, and those who have received salvation will be convicted and transformed to do greater works. This ministry works hand-in-hand with the Missions Ministry of the church. 


Pastor’s Aid

The Pastor’s Aid Ministry supports the pastor in carrying out the hospitality mandates of his duties; and seeks to ensure his comfort and well-being as much as possible. The ministry provides juice and water on the pulpit for each worship service; prepares the pastor’s baptismal apparel; welcomes guest speakers and ministers; hosts receptions; serves refreshments at new members’ meetings and serves whenever asked.


Health and Wellness (Body & Soul)

The Health-Wellness Ministry assists the membership in keeping the temple of God healthy for service to God by promoting an ongoing awareness of the importance of good health care through screening and other preventive measures (e.g., educational awareness and preventive programs, health fairs and seminars.)



 Missionaries are to be the presence of Christ in the world. Their mission is to evangelize, spreading the Gospel throughout the world.


Intercessory Prayer

The Antioch Baptist Church Intercessory Prayer Ministry is committed to fostering a greater emphasis on personal and corporate prayer in the life of the members of our church. We realize that prayer under grids every aspect of who we are and what we do. We invite anyone to join us as we pray for people throughout our church, community, state, nation and world.

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