Theme: 2016

Reclaim, Recruit and Retain


Our Vision is to Glorify Jesus Christ by accepting, living and sharing His message of faith, hope and love for all people.


Our Mission is to Search, Share and Send Disciple to the un-saved, the un-churched, and the un-committed by the Transforming Power of God’s Word.

  • Expanded, We will…

  • Exalting the Savior (worship) – Giving God the glory due His name by the weekly preaching and teaching of His Word and Christ-honoring music.

  • Evangelizing the Sinner (Missions) – Taking the Gospel of Christ to our world.

  • Enlisting the Servant (ministry) – Meeting the needs of others.

  • Equipping the Saved (Discipleship) – Developing people who know and do what Christ taught.

  • Edifying the Saints (Fellowship) – Building on a common faith.

    We believe transformed followers of Christ are committed to:

  • Worshiping God,

  • Contributing to God’s work through tithes and offerings,

  • Living under the authority of God’s Word,

  • Walking with God’s people, and

  • Impacting God’s world.

    What are the results of our commitment to this mission? Enthusiastically…

  • Glorifying our great God!

  • Observing thousands of believers who trust Christ as their Savior worldwide!

  • Mending the lives of the broken!

  • Maturing saints with a lasting stability!

  • Developing young people to be biblically sound and prepared to meet their world!

  • Forming a church family where love and acceptance lifts up the downcast!

  • Worshiping in a state of the art facility that exemplifies the power of God!

    Scripture Ref. Prov. 16: 1-3, Prov. 29: 18, Hab. 2: 1-4, Matt. 28: 18-20, Acts 2: 42-47